Trip To Beamish

5th September 2013 Photography Outings 0 Comments


Hi Folks,

Since both Sarah and I are on holiday at the moment a trip to Beamish, The Living Museum of the North,  was on the cards.

Now I think for both Sarah and I the last time we were at Beamish was with Primary School which was I’m sad to say many years ago now so it would be interesting to see how the place has grown.

Beamish, if you don’t know, is an open air museum and it stands at around 300 Acres located in the countryside of County Durham and they tell the story of life in North East England in Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian times.

What is quite amazing is how they put this together, most of the houses, shops and other buildings within Beamish have been rebuilt and furnish as they once were. Some were there already however most was rebuilt.  Exhibits are not caged away, they are placed in the original context so it gives you a great feeling of being there.

All the staff are constumed up and have a huge knowledge that they are more than happy to share with us.

There are a number of places to visit at Beamish, these are:

  • The Town
  • Railway Station
  • The Colliery
  • Pit Village
  • Pockerley Old Hall
  • Pockerley Waggonway
  • Home Farm

The Journey down was very simple from Kelso in the Scottish Borders and Beamish was very easy to find ( if you don’t have Sat Nav ).  Parking is free but as you can image, it is a very busy place so we had to cue for about 20 minutes before getting in to get our tickets.

Whilst standing in the cue we heard what has to best conversation we heard:

Mother: Do you really think that everything will be black and white when you walk through the gates?

Child: Well he is wearing black and white!

You can only imagine what the initial question was from the child, it certainly made us chuckle!

There was no real theme that we were going for photography wise, it really was a day out but when I arrive there it got me thinking of black and white so you may see a lot of this as the images appear.

We thought we would start by walking towards the Town and starting from there and it didn’t take long before images starting firing through the camera.  These were taking about 5 minutes after arriving and on the way to The Town:

Beamish Beamish

On the way we popped into the Tram Depot where the next couple of shots were taken:

Beamish Beamish

After the Tram Depot we wandered on through the Railway Station.  All the time the employees in their costumes working on the trains, tracks it was like being there.  Yes that’s the point I know but it did feel so real!

We shot the next few here:

Beamish Beamish Beamish Beamish

After the Railway Station we got into The Town.  We loved this.  Going into the Dentists ( May never go back to one! ), Solicitors, Houses and shops all in their original state was absolutely fantastic.  The houses were very dark, dingy, filled with stuff and it gave you a real sense of how they lived back in those days.  We also got to visit the bank and a Masonic Hall.

The follow shots were from The Town:


The next few shots were randoms from The Colliery, Pit Villages, Home Farm.

Beamish Beamish Beamish Beamish Beamish Beamish Beamish Beamish Beamish Beamish Beamish

Beamish was an absolutely fantastic day out.  Feel free to visit out Facebook page to see some other images and also please feel free to comment if you wish using the form below.

See you soon.