The Eyeball


Hi Folks,

It’s been a long times since we have updated our blog, firstly, apologies for this.  We can tell you though it has not through choice, we have been extremely busy with new and current projects as well as spending time with our sponsored riders on the British Eventing and Dressage circuits.  We will hopefully been writing a section on our riders soon however in the meantime, here is a new project…”THE EYEBALL”.

Eyes, they are awesome, they are of different colours, sizes and shapes, they reflect the world we see and fasincate the hell out of me so as part of a new project I’m going to be photographing lots of them!

For now, here is out first! Taking in our home studio, love it!

Do you have an “eye” for a photograph? Let us know 🙂

The Eyeball

More to come..

See you soon!