Studio or not to Studio….

23rd January 2017 Latest News 0 Comments

One question we get asked on a regular basis is “Would you recommend Studio or outdoor for a photoshoot with my dog or dogs?”…

It’s a great question so let’s see if I can lay it out on the table..

Not all dogs are suited to be in a studio, maybe it’s too young, not quite trained yet to sit or wait, maybe you ( the owner ) feels like the dog is just more suited to outdoor or you simply don’t like the studio look. Or the most important one for us, maybe your dog will have a slight fear of strangers in a closed environment with lots going on..  Dogs are like people, if you do not make them feel comfortable and happy this will show through on the images and this is definitely something we do not want!

When you bring your dog to us we ensure the environment is calm and remains calm, we do not start shooting straight away, we shoot when the dog is ready to shoot.. we don’t push and start asking questions of the dogs as this can sometimes cause confusion.  We also ask the the owner to do the commanding unless you have one of those dogs that just loves everything as we don’t want the worried look from being asked by a stranger plus sometimes they don’t listen to anyone bar their owner ( quite right too.. )

Likewise to outdoor, not all dogs are suited to this.. show breed’s for example ( they need to be pristine so studio is perfect ), tiny puppies ( much like new born shoots, they sleep, tire out quickly ) – Maybe they can’t be let of the lead but can be controlled within an enclosed environment and again you ( the owner ) may not want to be outdoor and fancy having the posed look of a studio portrait.

Can we do both the Studio look inside and Outside? Absolutely, although it is easier in the studio..

Can we do both inside and outside in one session? Absolutely.

If you have any questions at all I am always on hand to help whether it be through any of our social media sites, text or phone call.

Here are some images from Outdoor to Indoor with a few different examples of the “look”..

If you fancy a shoot, just bear in mind the above but most importantly ask this question, “Where would my dog be happier? – after all we want to show your dog with it’s own characteristics, expression…