Stichill Linn Photoshoot

8th December 2013 Latest Shoots 3 Comments


Hi folks,

We had a smashing time at Stichill Linn waterfall with another one of our newly appointed models who is also a good friend of ours.  Our crew for today consisted off the following:

  • Ellie ( Our Model )
  • Sarah ( Assistant and my better half! )
  • Stella ( Assistant and nuts! )
  • Oh and me, Stevie, the guy with the camera!

Thanks also to Toni for doing Ellie’s hair in the morning, much appreciated, was very nice indeed!

So the location, well Stichill Linn waterfall which is one of those places that many people still don’t know much about or where it is.   Well I can tell you, it’s private although it still gets quite a lot of visitors I did gain permission to shoot their from the owners which was Mrs Balfour who was more than pleasant when I spoke to her so please, if you head down ask permission, it’s only fair.

Ellie and I met a few weeks before the shoot to discuss clothing, we decided on a few styles of dresses, particularly looking for colour.  Once we had her choices it was just a matter of praying for decent weather, so no snow, sleet, rain which was a big ask considering we live in Scotland and its December.  We woke up this morning and it was overcast and blowing a gale.  I knew we would be OK though as down at the waterfall it is quite secluded so all was good!

We headed down their about 10:30am and chose the shooting locations which wasn’t all to do with the waterfall, there was some great backgrounds elsewhere so always scout around.  Seeing the waterfall you automatically think all the shots need to be done with that but it really doesn’t.

How again, Ellie is extremely new to modelling and she did a fantastic job, it was cold, it was quite windy even though we were sheltered somewhat but being a horsey girl and Scottish, she was hard as nails so just got on with it 🙂

Here are the images that we got from today:

Ellie at Stichill Linn Waterfall Ellie at Stichill Linn Waterfall Ellie at Stichill Linn Waterfall Ellie at Stichill Linn Waterfall

All images as you can see have the EXIF data for those technical minded, we also were shooting with off camera flash, in this case a Yongnuo with 1/4 CTO, Softbox and fired using the Pocket Wizard system with fill in using a large reflector ( silver side ).

I hope that you like the images and as always feel free to post any comments or questions below.

To the crew today, well done and thank you! Especially Ellie, you were fantastic and will certainly be bugging you for another shoot in the near future.

See you soon!