Photography in Bad Weather

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Hi Folks,

Thanks for visiting, this post is about our recent shoot in Earlston with our model Paula Elliot.   We had this shoot planned for a while and the location sorted and we were praying on good weather however on the day it did not go down like that, hence the title, Photography in Bad Weather.

The morning started with communication between our model Paula, our assistant for the day, Barbara Shiel and myself whether or not the shoot was going ahead because it was very dull and threatening rain.  We all decided to brave it and to meet as planned at Earlston at 10am.   When we arrived and got together Paula was up for it and she came prepared with her mobile wardrobe ( called a car to you and I ) and armed with umbrella which was sensible considering the conditions.

Since the location was scouted before hand I had an idea of what it was we wanted but as always when 3 heads are put together other suggestions come along so it’s always good to be open and not just go tunnel vision with 1 place that you see.  We covered 4 areas that morning just to cover all bases and get as many good images for Paula as we could.

I shot all morning with my Nikon D610 and 70-200mm F2.8.

My lighting wizard and assistant was Barbara who did a sterling job.

The shoot was wet and cold at times but not once did we stop laughing or want to stop shooting, it was actually a really good fluent shoot and we all worked very well together and more importantly Paula was happy at what we delivered, what more can we ask for..

It was a joy to work with Paula and we will definitely be asking her back for more shoots!

Here are some images that we got.

Photography in Bad Weather Photography in Bad Weather PaulaElliot2

If you would like to see more images of our shoot feel free to have a look at our facebook page

Thanks for reading and thank you again to Paula and Barbara.

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See you soon!