Northumberland Coast – Dunstanburgh Castle


Hi Folks,

I have been thinking quite a bit about doing a shoot at Dunstanburgh Castle on the Northumberland Coast so myself and Steven (a fellow photographer) took it upon us to get up at stupid O’clock to head down so a sunrise.  Well.. let me tell you, it was a long drive and the sky wasn’t looking the best at all, nevertheless we kept driving.  We go there, got onto the breach with cameras setup looking out towards the castle and thought, REALLY! Who’s got the coffee, it was absolutely freezing.

Took a while but not long before 8am the sky started to warm up, colours started to form and there were a couple of over excited photographers rushing towards the cameras and boom, the sky lit up, AWESOME! Time to start shooting because this kind of light never lasts long at all!

So quickly the camera was on F22 @ ISO100 with a Variable ND Filter (7 day shop, great site) at about 6 stops I was getting around 15 seconds – lets try it! ……. BOOM, with Steven in the frame the below is what we got and I love it!

Dunstanburgh Castle at Sunrise

I am particularly proud of this image because in at our local camera club exhibition MP Michael Moore chose this as his favourite all round image of the exhibition, thank you Michael!


We stayed for quite some time, as said above it really didn’t take long for the light to disappear so it was up with the tripods and thinking about heading home to review the images and process them accordingly.

As we were walking around I spotted two lovely Oystercatchers which were being hit but this fading light, I quickly got the 55-200mm on and fired of this shot below:

Oytsercatchers at Sunrise at Dunstanburgh Castle


This ended the day nicely and a well deserved coffee was needed!

If you ever get down to this beach I would recommend it entirely and you know, we may head back at some point as well.

See you soon!