KCC Does Parliament


Hi Folks,

Well today’s post is all about KCC does Parliament, that’s right, the Kelso Camera Club crew asked and got permission to photograph the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh at Holyrood.

For me I was quite excited.  I have photographed and seen the building many times but always fancied seeing what it is like inside and especially in the committee rooms or the debating chamber!

Well before getting into the nitty gritty of the images I would like to thank a few people from the club for organising this trip.  Ian, the chair of the club, thank you very much and I’m sure this doesn’t just come from myself.  Fantastic day!

Barbara, thank you for the lift even though it was a bit bouncy however I did survive, thanks 🙂

I would also like to thank Kirsty, our guide for the day. Superb knowledge, a good laugh and she used Nikon so thumbs up 🙂 ( please do not flame me non Nikon users! )

Okie Dokie so we met outside the building with Kirsty for our instructions for the day and had a good chat.  I was listening however also shooting a few images from the hip, as you do!

KCC Does Parliament

Never actually thought Kirsty would be so happy to see us but there you go 🙂

KCC Does Parliament

Outside the light was really flat, so it wasn’t that great and I thought black and white was the way to go.  I also thought to myself, the building as a whole will be photographed to death so I turned to a few details outside.KCC Does Parliament


Just after taking this which was a 9 stop exposure put together in Photomatix and then finished of in Photoshop I notice a couple of chaps playing in the water so a little bit of street photography came into place also.KCC Does Parliament


They were quite committed to this I have to say, all I can say was it was cold enough out the water, god knows what it would have been like if they had fallen in except for a good picture, hehe, evil!

OK so next I had an idea of setting myself up in front of a plain wall and seeing if I could get some interesting walkers coming by.  I didn’t get any, people see a camera pointing at a wall and they tend to give you the evil eye so taking a picture might be OK if you dial 999 first, however, I did get one interesting photograph from it.

KCC Does Parliament

Hmm, moving on!

Next we went up to the side of the building heading around the back really, on the way we got the following:KCC Does Parliament


Just around the left of the photograph is the Dynamic Earth, we headed up to this also to see what shots we could get, we actually done quite well there and fired of the following shots:KCC Does Parliament KCC Does Parliament




The last one there is Barbara given it all the concentration in the world but I quite liked the image.

After Dynamic Earth we headed up behind the Parliament Building where I believe is the most photographed part of the building ever and I mean that quite literally because if you Google “Parliament Building Edinburgh” and go to images you will see this many times, go on, I’ll wait here for you….., welcome back, see what I mean?  Here is what I saw!KCC Does Parliament


After this it was onto the Royal Mile, not much happening on this part of the walk really, it was quite quiet I have to say for a Saturday, anyway, on the way down I came across a wall which had, well actually I don’t know really I just kind of photographed it, shocking that is ! Maybe someone can tell me?  Drop a comment at the end of the post.KCC Does Parliament


So outside done, that wasn’t too bad as it?  Still with me? Grand, lets do a few images inside but first security, yup security! Well, without going into to much detail, it’s pretty strict, keys, wallet, money, tripod, camera, belt buckle, wasn’t sure if I was in a strip tease or a government building! Joke over, they have to take it seriously that is true but they could have at least patted me down, they did with others so I felt a little left out! 🙂

First set up of images inside were a bit hit or miss, long exposures and moving people and I came away with the following:

KCC Does Parliament KCC Does Parliament

Barbara was my model on the second one, took a couple of attempts at her walking towards the camera on a 4 second exposure, bit of fun and experimentation!

Right, after this on we went, here are the final lot of images from our we wander through:

KCC Does Parliament KCC Does Parliament KCC Does Parliament



KCC Does Parliament

KCC Does Parliament

KCC Does Parliament

KCC Does Parliament

KCC Does Parliament

KCC Does Parliament

KCC Does Parliament


And that is it folks, our wander to and through the Parliament Building.  Have you made it this far through the post?  Go you! I hope you enjoyed the images and please feel free to share this and also leave a comment in the comments box below, would be great to hear your thoughts.

I cannot wait to see the other members photographs!

Thanks again

See you soon!