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Hi Folks,

John Cairns | Road to RioThroughout March and April 2016 we will be helping a great friend, John Cairns, fulfil his dreams of competing in the Rio Olympics.


I have known John now for a number of years and one thing I know about him for certain is that this man does not stop, he will fight for what we has and what he wants and we would love nothing more than to see him complete this dream.




This is a snippet taken from John’s fund raising page:

I am trying to raise funds to go to Rio for the Paralympics archery. The qualifying event is in France in April, which will cost around 1,500 per archer to participate. I have an extremely good chance of getting a place in the games and becoming the third member of the Irish team, but I simply cannot afford it.

So, to help John reach his target and to achieve the trip to France for the qualifying event we are setting aside 30% of our income from shoots, print sales, limited edition print sales.

I know that for a fact John will be over the moon to receive any donation so if you would prefer to donate yourself you can do so here..

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