Hutton Horse Trials 2014

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Hi Folks,

Our first outing with our new sponsored rider Sarah De Leon was at Hutton in the Forrest down in Penrith, Cumbria.  2 days of trials, 1st day with Sarah’s own horse Claybank Camina B ( Min ) and Peggotty ( Peg ) who is owned by Tim and Sandy.

We travelled down with Caroline Taylor and her Horse Fantastic Mr Fox III leaving at 4am on the Saturday morning to get down to Hutton for their Dressage start times.

Was a lovely drive down, weather was looking superb and all was well.  I was so excited because it was the first time out with our Numnah which Sarah agreed to wear.  Proud I think is the best word for how I was feeling.

So up for the Dressage and luckily Sarah and Caroline almost started at the same time in opposite arena’s so switching back and fourth getting photographs was brilliant, we just had to try and catch them at the right time as Dressage is very intricate and it’s amazing how difficult it is to get that shot! It doesn’t always work out but 9 times out of 10 it does!

Hutton Horse Trials 2014Hutton Horse Trials 2014Hutton Horse Trials 2014Hutton Horse Trials 2014


As always once Dressage is complete it’s onto the show jumping.  This was very tricky for us and it’s something us photographs often battle, where is the sun to the relation of what direction is the course! On this occasion it was into the sun! Lovely jubely one sais! We made it work or done our best anyway.  Again Sarah and Caroline were pretty much running in sync so had them close together.  Few test shots taken and in they came!

Hutton Horse Trials 2014

Hutton Horse Trials 2014

It would be around 9:30 am by now and already it was getting really hot however there is no rest for the wicked.  After the show jumping it was back to the lorry to get ready for the Cross Country, whilst Sarah and Caroline were getting ready I was already on my way to the course to pick where I was going to stand.  There were a few places I stood first, waited on a rider, took a test shot, looked and the test shot and thought…no.  This happened a few times, light was changing, some jumps were under trees so I thought I might use that to my effect, dappled light sometimes looks quite nice but then again I thought, is this really the time for experimenting? Well yea it is so I found a jump side lit to the sun and went from there.  I had a jump behind which has this dappled light and for once I was right, it’ didn’t work that great however we did get some lovely shots of both Caroline and Sarah:

Hutton Horse Trials 2014Hutton Horse Trials 2014Hutton Horse Trials 2014Hutton Horse Trials 2014Hutton Horse Trials 2014Hutton Horse Trials 2014Hutton Horse Trials 2014Hutton Horse Trials 2014Hutton Horse Trials 2014

Both Sarah and Caroline were round safely and they both, I’m sure, had great fun at doing what they love but on the other flip of that coin I was also doing what I love except for the running part!  You will notice a few different jumps of Sarah, well quite amusing and I think Caroline spotted me running like a lunatic from one jump to another with all the kit and I knew I only had a short period of time to get to these next 2 jumps but I made it, just!  Taking images of those two jumps when out of breath is a challenge let me tell you.  It took me a wee while to get the old breath back.

Not getting any younger and all that! 🙂

Back to the lorry again where it was time to get the horses cooled down,  washed down, water down them and us to for that matter.  I really would not have liked to be on the XC in the afternoon on that day, it was roasting and we are now at 11am roughly.   Now normally, I’m still on the XC at this point however Sarah and Caroline were really the only riders I was commission to shoot that day, Sarah of course because I do sponsor her and Caroline because she was kind enough to allow me to get a lift with her so I kept it sweet and tried to help them out where I could, if I knew it would end up me holding 2 horses though I would have probably escaped to the XC… only kidding, was quite nice to help out..

So there we have it, day 1 really was quite painless and we set off our 1pm that day after a wee walk around and some lunch so we got back in good time for dinner, relaxation and bed ready for an 8am start on Sunday.

8am Sunday, picked up just outside Kelso, this time, Sarah has Peggotty and Caroline has Castlelawn Fantastic.  Unfortunately the day started with a little drama, when coming along crailing straight we were actually talking about dressage and how it’s calm, collected, precision riding suddenly a huge BANG went off, yup, we had a blow out.  Caroline was a master driver and got the lorry to stop and we evaluated the situation, we still had time to get to Hutton to get to start times depending on how quickly the lorry was fixed however another eventer Amber was passing by and stopped to see if we were OK.  It turned out she had space for a horse in her lorry so it was decided between Sarah and Caroline that Sarah would swap Peggotty to the other lorry, all was well except we did feel for Caroline, I was looking forward to getting some more images of Castlelawn Fantastic like I did at Floors but it wasn’t to be.

Of we go with Amber, her daughter and Dublin Bay King.

Sarah was due to start dressage at 11am.  We arrived at 10:45am and she was in the arena with literally 4-5 mins to spare! Lucky or what! Even better was Peggotty had a really nice dressage test after her ordeal in the morning.  She was so calm about it all and that was unreal!

Hutton Horse Trials 2014Hutton Horse Trials 2014Hutton Horse Trials 2014Hutton Horse Trials 2014Hutton Horse Trials 2014

Well done Sarah and Peg for this one, they held it together and they were off to the show jumping.  Peg is still young and coming on and Sarah is doing a fantastic job with her.  I’ve only seen Peg out a couple of times now and I could see the difference, which for me is a miracle really..

For the show jumping I got the 2nd camera out to try some video, something I’ve not tried before so really it was a complete experiment but I set it up and did stills also.  I’ll show you the video at the end, its short and sweet really but now it’s some stills of the show jumping!

Hutton Horse Trials 2014Hutton Horse Trials 2014Hutton Horse Trials 2014Hutton Horse Trials 2014
I think after this both Sarah and Peg were fired up for the XC although I think Peg was fired up in general, her ears are constantly just pinned forward, not once did I see this horse with her ears back so she loves it big time and I was looking forward to see them on the XC course I just wasn’t up for running like a lunatic again, but I did!

Hutton Horse Trials 2014Hutton Horse Trials 2014Hutton Horse Trials 2014Hutton Horse Trials 2014
Hutton Horse Trials 2014Hutton Horse Trials 2014
Again Peg jumped really well and Sarah was very happy on how she ran and so was I, very proud of them all this weekend! It was now back to the lorry ( or trailer at this point as Sarah’s mum and dad brought it to get us back home ).

After the weekends antics, stresses and early mornings we decided once Peg was sorted out it was time to relax, have a pint and some lunch and wind down with a good laugh and joke!  Me as usual couldn’t put the camera down but got some nice shots of some people enjoying their day at Hutton.

So yeah, what a long but exciting weekend we have had.  It was great to be out with Sarah and was lovely to meet Caroline and hope to see her at the next event!

Thank you to everyone and thanks again to Amber also!

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It will certainly be one to remember from my eyes that’s for sure and if this is anything to go by it shouldn’t be a dull moment with Sarah D!

Bring on the next one!

Finally, the wee video clip I made of Sarah and Peg on the Show Jumping and XC!

See you soon!