Frank Doorhof Workshop at the Glasshouse in Edinburgh


Hi Folks,

I was blessed to be able to attend a workshop in Edinburgh’s Glasshouse with Frank Doorhof along side a good friend and fellow photographer Graeme Webb on Friday 24th May.

I have been following Franks work for quite some time on Kelby Training and through is site and his images are amazing so having the opportunity to learn from him in person was Superb!

Graeme and myself headed up to Edinburgh early on Friday morning to meet with Frank and the other members of the workshop after quite a few cups of coffee.

The first part of a session was a Q&A with Frank and I think most of us were still really thinking about the day ahead and there wasn’t many questions to ask, or maybe that many if we were to ask them we may miss the shoots, anyhow we complete the Q&A and it was a blast, Frank has a really great sense of humour and it was good to ease us into the morning.

One thing about model photography or people photography in general is the ability to make your subjects be at ease and Frank has certainly mastered this over the years.

After the Q&A we had a small break for coffee and to allow the model ( Nadine ) to get ready for the first shoot on the first location which was in the gardens of the Glasshouse.

Franks ability to teach was fluent and really understandable from the get go so there really were no problems in understanding the concept and the way to meter and look at light, all we had to do was put it into practice.

We started out shooting with available light then with Strobes with the magic square reflector from Elinchrom ( that got said quite a bit through out the day, was promoting that I wonder!  I think so ).

After the first shoot once everyone had their own time with Nadine we headed back inside to look at Franks images and to talk about composition, the lighting, what to watch out for and what to look for.  This was really beneficial before heading on to the next location which again was in the gardens but from a different area.

The 2nd area was very much different from the first where we had reflections, shadows and so many other elements to include or to exclude.  Again we started shooting Nadine with natural light and then moved onto the strobes.

The third location we went to was, yup you guessed it, another part of the gardens ( so many places and you know, I would have never thought that any of the locations were shootable when first walking into them but hey, you live and learn )

After the third shoot it was time for some lunch and to reflect from the mornings shoots, so what did we cover:

    • Location Scouting
    • Metering light (with a lightmeter)
    • Posing a model and directing them
    • composition
    • To have fun!

The last point I made there is the most important, if you have fun you will get the results you want and make a note there, it’s what you want out of the image!

The afternoon after a great lunch which was put on by the hotel we headed inside to run through the images and to go through some simple post processing techniques that Frank uses on his images.  This is also where we go to see some of Franks work and really understand the why’s, where’s and how’s and I was blown away by the array of images that we were seeing but no only that Frank talked about equipment, camera settings, light, shadows, styles the list just goes on but Frank made some really interesting quotes that are going to stick in my mind and the 3 main ones were:

    • Do what it takes to get the shot!
    • Find a stage and the players will come (also said by Jay Maisel)
    • And the most important on all is the choice, you can either Give In, Give up or Give it your all!

Here are the images from the workshop I attended that I am really happy with and I would urge anyone if you see a Frank Doorhof workshop then get listed because you will love it!!

I would absolutely recommend a Frank Doorhof workshop so if you get the chance, take it!

I hope that one day Frank will be in the UK again so that I can attend or better yet, maybe see him in the Netherlands!

See you soon!