Family, Beach, Sunshine and a Photographer

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Hi folks,

What do you get when you have a family, a beach, sunshine and a photographer?

A Photoshoot!

This shoot came about when I first shot Vicky and her sister Ellie, you may remember the post a while back.  Vicky mentioned a specific image she was looking for and I immediately thought, let’s do it.   We came up with the idea to go to a beach in the morning which for me was easy, grab the kit and go but for Vicky this was a bit more testing because we were not only photographing her, but her horse  Flynn and her son Ben so she had quite a bit of work to do to get them ready.

The morning started fairly early where we met up with the 3 of them at the house so we could all go down together and I was amazed everything was good to go, she wasn’t even stressed, well she didn’t let on she was anyway… I’m sure she was a little!

The drive down wasn’t too bad, we were not that far away from Goswick Beach and when we got there we met up with local rider Shona Terris who was all ready to head down to join us.  Already it was hot and harsh for light but we had to make it work so we started rattling off test shot after test shot as the light was changing quite dramatically!

Thankfully my better half Sarah came along to help as she helped take Ben down to the sea front whilst Vicky rode down leaving me to carry my camera “awwww” – right ok so I’m just the photographer 🙂

Family, Beach, Sunshine and a Photographer

When we got down to the beach I think Vicky just wanted to go nuts and we started of with some fun shots of her coming down the beach on Flynn.  One thing was for sure, I didn’t find it hard to find a shot where she was smiling cause she was smiling from ear to ear ( as normal ) in all of them!

Family, Beach, Sunshine and a PhotographerFamily, Beach, Sunshine and a Photographer
And it wouldn’t be a proper shoot without a little funny!

I’m not sure who got a shock more, Vicky or Flynn when this wave came up unexpectedly to catch them out! ( I may get killed for this one )

Family, Beach, Sunshine and a Photographer

So behind the scenes Sarah was still entertaining Ben but it was their turn next and onto some serious stuff, the photograph that Vicky asked about and it was my job to turn this into a picture, a story that Vicky will hopefully treasure and tell Ben about in years to come..

The setting is there, and Vicky has her 2 favourite boys! Perfect..

Family, Beach, Sunshine and a Photographer

Ben thought this was so cool he decided to go off on his own to having some fun, we followed, of course and we got some lovely shots out of it! Not hard when he’s as cute as he is mind!

Family, Beach, Sunshine and a PhotographerFamily, Beach, Sunshine and a Photographer

Family, Beach, Sunshine and a Photographer

The other image that I wanted to get for them was something a bit different.  You always see the iphone shot of the view over the head of the horse when the rider is out and about in the country etc.. well I took this idea and did this:

Flynn, Vicky and Ben

I have to say that this is one of the top shoots I’ve done! I’ve spent quite sometime now with these guys and they are a joy to be around which is one of the reasons we chose to sponsor Vicky and Flynn  and to allow me to photograph them is just an honour and yes we are going to do it again, aren’t we guys?

The Maxwell Clan

Thanks for reading!