Edinburgh Street Photography

27th August 2013 Latest News 0 Comments


Hi Folks,

Street Photography in Edinburgh was more difficult than it sounds.  It’s something I have tried really hard with and yet is so very difficult for a number of reasons.

  1. People in this day and age do not particularly like or enjoy having a camera pointed at them
  2. Trying to find interesting expressions
  3. backgrounds

The above is to name a few however number one is always in the back of my mind when out and about because let’s face it the questions for someone that has a camera pointed at them usually are, why and what are you doing with them?

The thought of being challenged to me is not really one I’d like to have to cope with although I have had my fair share of exchanges and they are not nice at all!

Any how it doesn’t stop me although it does slow me down and tend to pick and choose where the camera is pointing.

From a small walk about in Edinburgh today a few things caught my eye.  Here are some images that I came back with and the reason behind the images:

Edinburgh, Scotland, Street Photography

 I saw this image whiles walking past the shop on Princess Street and it was the branding on the shop and the shop workers colour and branding.

 The colours for me worked and it was struck me.

 Stepping back I shot a series of images and this for me worked really well.

Edinburgh, Scotland, Street Photography


 I was having a wee break outside Princes Mall when I saw this guy checking his phone whilst relaxing.

 For me again it worked and in black and white I do like it much better than in colour.

 His gesture holding the phone is somewhat hidden, under the table so this created a “wonder” story in my head!

Edinburgh, Scotland, Street Photography

This image was in conjunction with the image above but in the opposite direction and shooting from the hip.  I wanted a different view, an angle that you may not think of viewing this, well let’s face it if you do start looking at the world like this those wee men in white coats may be asking if your fit to be walking around but with the camera low down and pre-focused on an area in front and fire of shots as people walk by.  My intention was this mobile phone however it was pure luck that I got one dead centre of the frame and for me it worked and quite like this one for something different!

 Edinburgh, Scotland, Street Photography

I’m sure everyone has seen this on their outings and it always strikes me, makes me wonder what’s going on and since I’m a busy body it wants me to go up to them to find out ( obviously I don’t ) but their expression, body language intrigues me.

This was up the Royal Mile in Edinburgh.

So if you see me on the street with the camera and I have the camera on you don’t panic I’m not after you and their is no intent to stalk you, it may be that you are just interesting and intriguing from a photographic point of view but my intention is not to be noticed! 🙂

See you soon!