Photography in Bad Weather

8th April 2014 Latest Shoots 0 Comments

  Hi Folks, Thanks for visiting, this post is about our recent shoot in Earlston with our model Paula Elliot.   We had this shoot planned for a while and the location sorted and we were praying on good weather however…

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Amber & Rory

2nd April 2014 Latest Shoots 0 Comments

  HI Folks, We would like to share with you one of our recent shoots with 2 gorgeous dogs, Amber and Rory. We were really lucky to have had the call from Sam, their owner because the shoot was absolutely…

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Vicky & Flynn : A Partnership

20th March 2014 Vicky&Flynn 0 Comments

  Hi Folks, You would have heard or seen us talking about or posting pictures of Vicky Maxwell and My Boy Flynn on Facebook. Well between us it has been decided that we ( Stevie Purves Photography ) will be…

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Aviemore Sled Dog Rally 2014

27th January 2014 Latest Shoots 0 Comments

  Hi Folks, If you have been following us recently you would notice that we have been up to Aviemore for the Sled Dog Rally on the 25th and 26th of January 2014. We first went to this rally in…

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Photoshoot with Sisters

12th January 2014 Latest Shoots 0 Comments

  Hi Folks, I hope everyone has recovered from Christmas and New Year.  We certainly have and we are back to it and what better way to kick start 2014 than with a Photoshoot shoot with sisters. You might remember…

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Stichill Linn Photoshoot

8th December 2013 Latest Shoots 3 Comments

  Hi folks, We had a smashing time at Stichill Linn waterfall with another one of our newly appointed models who is also a good friend of ours.  Our crew for today consisted off the following: Ellie ( Our Model…

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Murphy and Six

6th December 2013 Latest Shoots 0 Comments

Hi Folks, About a month ago we were asked to do a photoshoot with Murphy and Six.   The shoot was setup by Borders Pet Rescue's Lee-Ann Lackie for Helen who is, or was the centre's manager.  Lee-Ann wanted to give…

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Reptilian Photoshoot

1st December 2013 Latest Shoots 0 Comments

  Hi Folks, Being a photographer it is always good to try things that are a little bit different and this goes for subject too so a Reptilian Photoshoot was perfect! On this shoot we were shooting 3 breeds of…

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Model in the Making

24th November 2013 Latest Shoots 0 Comments

    Hi Folks, This post I have named "Model in the Making" for a reason.  Most of you will remember our first shoot with Niomi ( her first shoot also ), well guess what, we went back for another…

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KCC Does Parliament

  Hi Folks, Well today's post is all about KCC does Parliament, that's right, the Kelso Camera Club crew asked and got permission to photograph the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh at Holyrood. For me I was quite excited.  I have photographed…

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