Amber & Rory

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HI Folks,

We would like to share with you one of our recent shoots with 2 gorgeous dogs, Amber and Rory.

We were really lucky to have had the call from Sam, their owner because the shoot was absolutely brilliant.

The location was just outside Jedburgh out in the middle of nowhere into the hills, the day was Sunny but cloudy so the sun was in and out causing shooting conditi0ns to be a little tricky however we learn to work with this and that we did.

Before meeting Amber and Rory, Sam had notified me that Rory wasn’t to great with strangers, that’s something you get used to a lot when photographing dogs ( or another animals too for that matter ).  Respect them at all times! It turned our that Rory was really just a little scared to start of with but it’s important to stay calm, the last thing Rory wanted at that point was me on my knees with a high pitched voice trying to get near him, disaster situation, don’t do it! Instead, allow the dog to come to you on it’s own terms!  Amber was the sweetest, she just wanted petted, very friendly, cute and cuddly!

We spent 30mins or so just around the dogs in the home getting used them, letting them get a little used to us before heading outside for the wander, this is where the fun started.  We reeled of shot after shot but allowing the Amber and Rory to be themselves, I followed them keeping an eye on the sun, shadows, exposure, all the usual photography things whilst Sarah and Sam chin wagged and watched me get on every angle, up and down, it’s tiring let me tell you, these guys were active! 🙂

Here is my top 2 images from the shoot, it was very hard to choose these because there were so many good ones!

Amber and Rory Amber and Rory
A HUGE thank you to Sam! We hope Neil enjoyed his Birthday and that he and yourself are enjoying the images!

Looking forward too see you all in the future.

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See you soon!