Abandoned Shoot | HDR

9th November 2014 Latest Shoots 1 Comment

Hey Folks,

It has been very nice today to have some time to go for a little exploration to an abandoned building.  We took the camera along to document certain locations and thought we would try out some HDR ( High Dynamic Range ).

This is technique that we haven’t really delved into much so was nice to give something new a try.   HDR is basically a technique where you add a larger dynamic range to a digital photograph by combing a number of images, in this case, 3 images.

I really liked this location however t’s a real shame but 90% of it is all boarded up, the other 10 vandalised however we were still able to get a good feel for the place so even though we couldn’t explore it fully we still had plenty of fun walking around.

If you would like to know more about this location you can do so at the end of the post but for now, here are a few images that we got.



East Fortune Hospital is where we went, this location a few miles outside of East Linton.  It was a hospital used as a Tuberculosis sanatorium for the south east region of Scotland during World War II.   It was closed down in 1997 and has been abandoned every since.

Thanks to Graeme for the company whilst out and about today!

Feel free to leave any comments, share the images.

See you soon!